Apex Ready Tip





Long Apex II Ready™ Tip

This tip is designed for Apex II tips.  It sticks out from the back of the Apex II just enough to easily install it on a Big Shot Assault or Str8Shot barrel.

The LAPCO Apex Ready™ Tip for the BigShot Assault™ and Str8Shot™ barrel systems, adds functionality to the marker.  It acts as an adapter allowing the full use of the BT Apex Tip.  The LAPCO Apex Ready™ Tip has the added extra benefit of being precisely engineered for use with a BT Apex Tip. 


The special metal ridges built into the tip allow optimal use of the BT Apex Tip.  Full functionality of the tip is possible, including 360º rotation, optimum accuracy through perfect concentric alignment, and secure tip mounting to the barrel. Don’t settle for partial functionality due to a home-made electrical tape modification.



  • Available for sale individually or in combination with the BT Apex Tip.

  • Works with BOTH Apex 1 and Apex 2 tips.


  • Precisely engineered for use with a BT Apex Tip.


  • Allows full functionality and performance of the BT Apex Tip


  • Securely holds the BT Apex Tip to the barrel.


  • Does not interfere with or affect shot accuracy.


  • Able to be used on all LAPCO BigShot Assault™ & Str8Shot™ barrels.


  • Will also fit other 7/8-20 threaded tip barrels like the Tiberius factory barrels


  • Precision machined from high grade aluminum.


  • Finished using a bead-blasting process for a matte finish look.


  • Extra-hard black anodizing process for an extremely durable finish. 


  • Made in-house in the USA. 


  • Every part carries The Legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty: This is the best warranty you will never have to use.



This tip is compatible with LAPCO's STR8 SHOT and will allow players to attach an Apex Tip to the end of our assault barrel. Will also fit most barrels with 7/8-20 threads on the Nose like Tiberius barrels)