Empire Grind THT Knee Pads


Empire Grind



The Empire Grind THT Knee pads are the top choice for players as professional paintball teams Dynasty and Infamous use them to help elevate themselves to the top positions on the podium. These pads are made to give you the confidence to make those big moves on the field, giving you the invincibility feeling that you are protected and secure while you slide or dive to your bunker. The memory foam core these pads give you maximum comfort as you use them day to day as it slowly starts to shape to your body for the perfect fit.  New loops on the knee pads attach to Grind THT Slide shorts which ensure that these pads stay on your knees and not down your ankles. Stretch mesh gives you a tight and comfortable heat while dissipating heat and prevents the material to bind together. Terry cloth lining reduces the irritation and chafing after long hours of use on the pads. The Velcro straps on the top and bottom of the pads helps keep the pads in place instead of the pad getting twisted and out of place. Give yourself some bounce effect as you increase the chances of getting paintbal bounces if a paintball hits the pad instead of your hard knees. Pick up these pads to get the ultimate form of protection and feel confident that you can walk away from injury while playing on the field.


  • Protect one of the most important joints in your body your knees with the Empire Grind THT Knee Pads
  • Give yourself the confidence to play hard and walk away from injury so you can get in position to make those critical shots
  • Memory foam core in the knee pads gives an ultimate form of protection while conforming to the shape of your knee for a perfect fit
  • Loops are now featured on the pads to hook up to the Empire Grind THT Slide Shorts which keeps it in place and not at your ankles
  • Velcro straps prevent the pads from getting twisted out of place, nothing is worse than having pads that don't protect the important parts
  • Terry cloth lining reduces irritation and chafing after long hours of use as it wouldn't be great to have the ultimate pads that feel uncomfortable
  • Give yourself a chance on getting a bounce on your knee pad instead taking a hard hit on your knees as this keeps you in the game and your opponents frustrated