Empire LTD THT Gloves


Empire LTD



Empire Paintball has been developing professional level apparel for players for years that have helped give them protection while giving the added advantage they need to make it to a podium finish at a tournament! Paintball gloves are an important piece of protection as regardless how long a player has been playing paintball, getting hit in the hands can definitely be felt. Players who use gloves on a regular basis love the added protection from it but also worry about hindering their mobility especially at their fingers, you will see many players cutting the index and middle finger of the glove off to give them the freedom for high rates of fire! The Empire LTD THT Gloves is the best of both worlds with the fingers already cut off while giving you complete protection through out the entire hand. The clarino vented palms keeps the dirt out while keeping it breathable for that added comfort. The Velcro wrist enclosure gives you an adjustable fit while making sure the gloves stays where it needs to. Kevlar reinforced palms gives the gloves it's main body of durability to prevent rips while protecting your hands. Lycra thumb with silicone palms help give your hands that extra grip so you don't have to worry about having the gun slip out of your hands. 


  • Protect your hands so you can keep playing all day without the extra stinging sensation from paintball hits
  • Index and middle finger of the gloves are pre-cut off for freedom so you can have that high rate of fire without the glove getting in your way
  • Lycra thumbs with silicone printed palms give the gloves it's extra grip so your gun won't slip out of your hands
  • Kevlar reinforced palms protects your hands while giving the gloves it's extra durable base body
  • Stretch micro mesh finger panels help keep your hands cool during those hot and long games of paintball
  • Velcro enclosure keeps your gloves in place while being adjustable for a comfortable fit